A Magical Photo Shoot

As many people know we love our four legged friends

So when we decided to have a business branding photo shoot by the very talented Manj (Manj on Instagram) we just knew that we would have some sort of fury animals involved……

During the winter months we spent many evenings watching Game of Thrones but the majority of my time was spent shouting at my laptop. I was TRYING to create a website.

At first I thought all would be fine with a little practice, however it soon became apparent that web design was not my forte. Any how I had put a lot of time and effort into completing this task so I was going to finish it!
After a few choice words, an achy wrist & a new pair of reading glasses to help the headache, the website was finally done….it was o.k… but not amazing.

Then we found Faye at OH Creative (OH Creative’s Website) her work looked incredible and we were so impressed by her portfolio. Faye knew exactly what she needed to do to make our website stand out & so she quickly set to work, sending us updates here & there.
Faye then asked us to choose our main photo for the home page of our new website. We had some fab photos of previous events taken on our iPhones but we didn’t have any high-quality, high-resolution photos.
This is where my mind started ticking, the ideas started rolling in & before we knew it there was unicorn in our garden…..

I absolutely love Rustic, outdoor weddings & events…

Our bar has been used many times at those style weddings & works so well along side hay bales, wooden logs & tipis’.
For quite a while I had wanted to show off another side to our horse box, a more modern, sassy side.
Golds, pastels and soft whites had been catching my eye browsing through wedding pins on Pinterest & interior design magazines. I decided this was the look I wanted for our photo shoot.

To change the look of our rustic wooden boxes placed outside the bar, we used some beautiful gold hand painted bird cages dressed with stunning fresh white roses & gipsophila. The flowers were beautifully arranged by the very talented Tracey- owner of Blossom & Bells (Blossom & Bells on Instagram).  Tracey also made a lovely fresh flower headpiece for our very beautiful model Lilly.

We placed our large gold ornate mirror to the side of the horse box-this mirror can be used to display the bar menu.
Next to this was a stunning display of gold and white balloons, a personalised ‘The King’s Head’ balloon, and a very impressive floral balloon hoop all supplied by Georgina at ‘The pretty little balloon company’ (The Pretty Little Balloon Company on Instagram) Georgina’s creations are fantastic!

The stars of the show were most definitely the gorgeous Lilly & the CUTEST pony ever- Bulue! (Unicorn At My Party on Instagram)

We had such a fun morning with everyone & I would like to say a massive thank you to my lovely mum, husband & everyone who took part in helping! It’s not every day you get to cuddle up to a unicorn on a Sunday morning….