Party cocktail Inspiration

There are so many great options when it comes to event drinks and cocktails. It can be a really lovely touch to go with a seasonal cocktail depending on when your event is. How about some of these ideas to get you started!

Winter and Christmas

How about serving Mulled, spiced wine or cider?
Or what about a winter-themed cocktail such as…

Cognac French 75

“Winter isn’t about eliminating refreshing drinks, but there are things that can make them more seasonally appropriate. By swapping the gin for the richer, silkier flavors of the cognac, it turns it into a more wintery version of itself.
Ingredients: Cognac, lemon juice, simple syrup, Splash of sparkling wine


“It’s a negroni, but with rye whiskey instead of gin. It’s a natural evolution, bringing a dark spirit into a classic drink that we love. It’s great for fall and winter, but I drink it year-round.”
Ingredients: Rye whiskey, Campari & sweet vermouth

Good Tidings

“With the cranberry and allspice you get those more traditional winter flavors and scents, but it drinks like a tall, easy Collins.”
Ingredients: Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice, cranberry juice, spoon of allspice dram

Summer cocktails

English garden

It’s a wonderful example of the English countryside, with elderflower liqueur and fresh pressed apple juice evoking images of endless orchards and languid summer days. Cooling and refreshing, sweet and subtle, this is a cocktail that tastes exactly how you want the sound of clinking glass to taste on a long, hot day. A hint of lemon juice prevents the elderflower liqueur from making it overly sweet, whilst the apple juice brings a huge, lip-smacking freshness that’ll perk you right up. Its quintessentially lovely.
Ingredients: Gin, elderflower liquer, fresh pressed apple juice, splash of lime juice garnished with a cucumber ribbon.

Queen Bee

The bitterness of the Aperol and the strength of the vodka could have you believe this was a cocktail for an acquired taste.
Then comes the honey… that sweet sweet honey… & now shes anyones. One sip of this will leave you buzzing for more….
Ingredients: Aperol, vodka, honey

Unicorn Fizz

Life’s too short to be ‘sensible’ & ‘normal’
Be a unicorn in a field of horses…Stand out from the crowd, sweeten things up a little, add glitter to life. In fact add glitter to this thirst quenching tipple and ‘voila’ you are a unicorn. We may even have a few sweet delights alongside this stunning cocktail.